Ted and Solveig Fabiyanic

The Senior Pastors of FaithLife Church

Ted and Solveig Fabiyanic, our Senior Pastors, envisioned building a dynamic church culture infused with a spiritual atmosphere of faith, hope, and love. Through their steadfast devotion to Christ, commitment to the transformation of their congregation, and vibrant, inspirational messages, their vision has taken root at FaithLife Church.

Ted and Solveig are dedicated to their mission of spreading Kingdom principles across the world. They use these principles to mobilise FaithLife Church, their local community, and the global community. Their passion for Christ fuels this commitment and helps them release transformed believers into a life of purpose.

Welcome - Ted and Solveig

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a dynamic church with a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith, hope and love, where every believer is a transformed disciple, released into ministry, who honours God and brings kingdom transformation to our world.

Our Mission

At the heart of FaithLife, our mission is to raise up fervent followers of Jesus Christ who will reach out and impact communities, cities, and nations for the Kingdom of God. This is outworked through our church locally, through a network of Life Groups, contributing ministries, and through our community and global projects.

What we believe

FaithLife’s Five Core Values

We are committed to the five core values that outwork our vision here at FaithLife Church. As we practise these values, we develop worthy habits that will build us as we build the Kingdom of God.


This is our Praise Life.

We encounter and experience God corporately at Celebration services. The Word of God inspires us to gather together weekly as the church, His called out ones, (the ecclesia) to worship, hear relevant and life-changing messages, to have an opportunity to encourage and to minister to one another through serving and coming together, and to experience the atmosphere of faith and joy and the love of Jesus Christ.

Acts 2:42, Nehemiah 8:1-18, 1 Kings 1:39-41


This is Our Discipleship Life.

A fervent follower of Jesus Christ is a disciple and one who has surrendered his life to Christ and who is committed to following Him. As  disciples we are committed to the spiritual formation of our faith, a deepening prayer life, wholehearted worship practice, maturing in biblical understanding, being equipped to minister, and having an active love and devotion to Christ. As disciples we are committed to participating in the life of FaithLife Church, committed to the vision, mission and values, through regular attendance at Celebration meetings, involvement in Life Groups, and attending teaching nights so that we are equipped for every good work, lacking nothing.

Matthew 28:19, John 15:7-17, Luke 6:40


Our Fellowship Life.

God did not create us to live in isolation. We form a strong fellowship at FaithLife by worshiping, praying, learning, and participating in church activities together. The meaningful relationships we develop thrive in this atmosphere of shared conviction.

The supportive environment of FaithLife Church fosters Life Groups – small gatherings of people who grow in Christ by encouraging, serving, and ministering to each other in love and fellowship as true Christian friends.

Acts 2:42-47, Psalms 5:10-12,
John 13:34-35, John 17


Our Ministry Life.

God has enriched our lives with countless blessings. As Christians, it is our privilege to share these blessings with each other. By using our time, talents, and resources to elevate the lives of people in need, we become the living embodiment of Jesus’ words “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Through our attitude of generosity we prove and proclaim that God is first in our lives and that we desire to honour Him.

2 Corinthians 9:10-12 (AMP), 1 Chronicles 29:8-10 (Msg), Acts 2:45, Matthew 6:19-21


This is our Mission Life.

We are commissioned to go into all the world – the spheres of our community, families, business, education, government,  financial, commerce, religion, the arts and media and share the hope we have found. Our mission is to reach out with love to bring the gospel of hope and to see the nations discipled for Christ.

Romans 1:16, Mark 1:15, Psalms 45:6, Matthew 3:2; 6:33; 19:14, Romans 14:17

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