Hope Ink is FaithLife’s expression of Love into the Community!

Impacting the world

Through Hope Ink we provide further impact into our global community. We do this through community care, training and social enterprises that impacts individuals both locally and globally.

Community Care

Hope Ink helps local communities through on-the-ground programs that meet the basic needs of individuals and families.


Hope Ink holds training programs for individuals from all walks of life. We believe effective training is the key that unlocks people’s potential, creating hope and opportunity for the future.

Social Enterprise

We believe by giving people jobs, creating opportunity for skills training and by starting a Social Enterprise, it creates a social impact that sees lives changed.

Hope Ink

Hope Ink is a non-profit organisation that, through community development programs and social enterprises, impacts individuals both at a local and global level.

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Hope Ink is FaithLife’s expression of Love to the community!